Learning ‘culture’ from an anthropologist turned instructional designer

During my development as an instructional designer, I am reading a various multitude of blogs and articles. The recent trend of these articles focuses on more than creating the perfect online course or interactive learning program. The articles extend the role of instructional design to include shaping the ‘culture’ of the learning environment.

Simply said, by many before me, that even if the eLearning course, mobile course or even interactive learning game is a perfect specimen. It will not have enough impact on learners unless there is a greater ‘culture’ of learning within the workplace.

As my background is based in Anthropology, when I hear the word ‘culture’ I instantly want to define the term. What do we mean by a ‘culture’ of learning? Continue reading “Learning ‘culture’ from an anthropologist turned instructional designer”

What makes an instructional designer?

I’ve only been an instructional designer for just up to 6 months now, so I tasked myself with an interesting exercise. I have looked back at my steps into instructional design (more like leaps) to try to determine the steps that led me down this path.

Now I know that I am at early days, but I truly feel as though I’ve found the career I should be doing and I enjoy it immensely! Because I’ve found my calling, makes me wonder what does the journey look like for an instructional design career.

One person’s journey does not mean that this will be the same for all, but I’d like to share some insights that I believe make an instructional designer based on my journey. Continue reading “What makes an instructional designer?”